Multipurpose Hall

This hall is used for exhibitions, lecture meetings, symposiums, etc. Special lights, a big screen, the public-address system are installed.

Multipurpose Hall
   Multipurpose Hall
capacity school style:350
theater style:650
floor space 686m2
length 29.80m
width 29.80m
height 8.4m
load 500kg/m2
surface of the floor rubber tile

baton 1 piece, 7m, 200kg(length,load)

baton for spotlights 3 pieces
facilities lights Halogen lights (white)
spotlights 1kw×12
special lights ceiling spotlights, pin spotlights
mirror ball, big spinner, strobo
big, swing lights, spinner
imaging electrically-powered screen (300 inches), relay camera
*Pictures and sounds may be sent and received between each hall.
electricity It is possible to install with the electrical distribution board.
waterworks There is a sink in the pantry.
loading entrance 1 (W2.4m×H2.3m) Driving into it is not possible.
waiting room There are tables and chairs in it.
please note Please set up tables and chairs which are lent by Kunibiki Messe by yourselves.
Multipurpose Hall