Small Hall

This hall is used in many ways: meetings, seminar, receptions, etc. It has imaging and sound devices.

Small Hall
  Small Hall

theater style:180

school style:300

floor space 300m2
length 19.79m
width 24.50m
height 4.8m
load 500kg/m2
surface of the floor tile carpet

baton 1 piece, 7m, 30kg(lengh,load)

facilities lights fluorescent lights
imaging electrically-powered screen (200 inches)
electricity 3kw/circuit. It is possible to install with the electrical distribution board.
waterworks There is no watersupply provided.
loading entrance

1 (W1.5m×H2.4m) Driving into it is not possible

waiting room There is no waiting room in this hall.
please note Please set up tables and chairs which are lent by Kunibiki Messe by yourselves.
Small Hall