International Conference Hall

This hall can be used for an international conference. This hall features facilities for simultaneous interpretation for 4 languages and imaging devices. Lectures, meetings, seminars, and symposiums are held here.

International Conference Hall
  International Conference Hall

school style:510

square style: 230

floor space 616m2
length 22.51m
width 30.10m
height 6m
surface of the floor carpet

baton 1 piece, 9.5m, 200kg(length,load)

facilities lights spotlights
imaging electrically-powered screen (200,300 inches), video projector, relay camera
*Pictures and sounds may be sent and received between each hall.
4 languages, deck for recording, unit (for panelists):60,
receiver (for participants):175
electricity 2kw/circuit. It is possible to install with the electrical distribution board.
waterworks There is no watersupply available.
waiting room There is no waiting room for this hall.
please note There are chairs (with a memo table), a podium, a flower table, a whiteboard
International Conference Hall